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We try to offer reliable services through our our European servers combined with very fast internet. It is essential to remember that IPTV is influenced by a lot of factors that may sometimes be are beyond our control. Our aim is to be as sufficient as possible.


IPTV Streaming is the latest of technologies for watching international TV from anywhere where have sufficient internet connection. We are able to stream a mixture of SD and HD channels at great quality. Changes are made daily to ensure high quality.


IPTVgate will supply with your test or subscription line. Don’t worry if you are not sure on how to install it in your receiver. We have written and video tutorials which are easy to follow so that you can watch in no time. For Instructions, click HERE

Watch reliable and free TV online with IPTV

IPTV has been creating quite a stir for sometime now. It is the technology of now and of course the future. For those who are unaware of what IPTV is, let us take you down the technology lane. IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a live streaming service of channels and various on-demand web contents provided over the internet. These are generally available free of any cost, but some premium services comes with a fee. IPTV uses a range of video compression standards, including and H.264, Windows Media Video 9, MPEG 4, VC1, XviD, DivX and Ogg Theora.

We at IPTV Stream would like to think that IPTV servers have revolutionized the TV viewing experience with its mobility and viewing content. Evolving technologies has made it possible for IPTV to go beyond the Kodi software and adapt itself to a number of Roku channels, Apple TV and Android apps. You can now use these to enjoy a full TV viewing experience from anywhere around the world. And what makes it so attractive is that, it’s free.

IPTV servers use M3U files, so you will need a good M3U provider that will provide an access to an electronic programming guide. M3U comes with a link, which upon entering fills your device with a hundreds of channels from across the world.

If you have a good internet plan, the channels work almost without any buffering. However, we advice our esteemed customers to subscribe to these services with a fairly basic fee, as it prevents any streaming failure and gives you an ultimate viewing experience. You should check out our monthly plans and select the one that suits your requirements the most.

Monthly subscriptions not only improve your streaming quality, it also provides you access to a number of premium channels, which are generally unavailable for free. Our unique facility IPTVgate, supplies the viewers with test or subscription line. Even if you re a first time user and not sure on how to use the service, IPTV Stream provides you with written instructions and video tutorials. This will ease your installation process. IPTV Stream offers reliable services through their European servers and a very fast internet.

IPTV streaming is allowing people to watch TV without paying any money, mostly, it is a good option for those who has to travel around for their work. Many people around the world are adapting to the changing technologies and opting for IPTV Stream, you should too.


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  • 1001 year
  • 12 Month Subscription
  • All Channels we have
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We saw what people wanted and we provided. Get test ride so you can be sure before making a payment. Some of the countries we provide the channels for are United Kingdom, Greece, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Scandinavian countries, etc.

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